Coincidence sinus --- Introduction ---

This is a graphic exercise: it presents to you the graph of a sinusoidal function (either under the form of Acos(x+B) or under the form of Acos(x)+Bsin(x)), and asks you to find back this function.You can make several tries, each try giving you a graphical comparison between your reply and the given graph, allowing you to improve your reply.

At the end of the tries, you will be given a score according the the deviation of your best try. And the following configuration parameters allow variation of the style and the difficulty level of the exercise.

Type of functions :
  1. A cos(x + B) (easier)
  2. A cos(x) + B sin(x) (harder)
  3. random among the above two.

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Description: find a sinusoidal function according to its graph. interactive exercises, online calculators and plotters, mathematical recreation and games

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