Socio-Constructivism: Language

Question 1

Tarone considers that language play can have two functions:

Question 2

Using language for fun rather than for communicative or social purposes is termed

Question 3

The transformation of thought into language through private speech or collaborative dialogue is termed

Question 4

The second language researcher particularly associated with language play is

Question 5

For the following pairings of figures with the concepts they pioneered,

  1. Chomsky-linguistic competence
  2. Kramsch-communicative competence
  3. Swain-intercultural competence

Question 6

The theory which claims that the central fact about our psychology is the fact of mediation is

Question 7

The notion that teachers who emigrate from the intellectual culture of their teachers have to reinvent themselves belongs to the tradition of

Question 8

The scholar credited with introducing Vygotskyan socio-cultural theory into mainstream second language research is

Question 9

The second language teaching method which requires exclusive use of the L2 and pattern practice instead of explicit grammar instruction is called

Question 10

Language competence which goes beyond syntactic knowledge or general communicative abilities to cross-cultural exchange is termed

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