Behaviourism: Learning

Question 1

Observational learning was _________________ by __________________.

Question 2

The initial state of a young child or untrained subject is called

Question 3

______________ and __________ are associated with classical conditioning.

Question 4

Behaviourist language learning methods which require the repetition of small elements of language rely on the behaviourist concept of

Question 5

Associationist approaches rely on which two types of learning?

Question 6

All of the following theorists are famous for experiments involving animals EXCEPT

Question 7

Reciprocal determinism is due to ______________ and includes _______________ and ______________

Question 8

In conditioning experiments, the experimenters reaction to a response, the third element following a stimulus-response pair, is called

Question 9

Thorndike considered that books could replace teachers if only

Question 10

Behaviourists call the establishment of stimulus-response pairs

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